Announcement of online exhibition at Ueda Regional Industrial Exhibition

We will be exhibiting at the Ueda Regional Industry Exhibition.
We hope that you will visit our booth.

Ueda Regional Industry Exhibition Official Website

SessionPublication period: February 3, 2 (Monday) to the end of August (scheduled)
Priority period: February 3th (Monday) to February 2th (Thursday), 8
Set a focus period of about 2 weeks to increase attention at startups
way to participateHeld online
TOTOKU ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. Exhibition Page (Ueda Regional Industrial Exhibition Official Website)
Main exhibitsWater supply antifreeze heater (NF auto heater)
・A water supply anti-freeze device that has a temperature control function for the entire heating element.
・The GSL type has a smaller diameter heating element and an outer layer with excellent lubricity to improve passage through the heater guide tube.

145GHz compatible microwave coaxial cable assembly (Wavemolle) [Reference exhibit]
・Flexible cable assembly covering DC to 145GHz
・In-vehicle millimeter wave band can also be connected with coaxial cable
・We can provide short delivery times by specifying the length and terminal connector.
・Also compatible with relative and absolute phase adjustment

High performance coaxial cable (RUOTA)
・Can be used for high frequency and high speed transmission due to hollow dielectric structure
・Excellent characteristic impedance stability, mechanical strength and flexibility, and stable phase stability from low to high temperatures.
・Ideal for semiconductor measurement/inspection and mobile base station antennas subject to temperature changes
・We can also provide assemblies with connectors connected to both ends of the coaxial cable.

High frequency IC measurement jig
・Narrow pitch contact (100μm~)
・Multiple circuits can be tested simultaneously
・56Gbps transmission record
・Individual design according to IC pattern is possible

Flexible flat cable for next-generation high-speed signal transmission (Leafconn)
・High performance transmission is possible due to less signal deterioration
・Narrow pitch arrangement of conductors allows for miniaturization of connectors
- Thin and bendable, allowing wiring in narrow spaces