The broadcast episode of "Galileo X" where our company was interviewed on the YouTube channel "Galileo Ch" has been released. "Information and communication brought about by electric wires - The genealogy of its birth and innovation" Galileo X No. 283

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The broadcast episode of the science documentary program "Galileo Ta.Please take a look.

Information and communication brought about by electric wires - Genealogy of its birth and innovation - | Galileo X No. 283

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YouTube channel linked to One&Only's science documentary "Galileo X".

We deliver content that can only be seen here, delving into various fields such as advanced science and cutting-edge technology that Japan is proud of, the beautiful Japanese climate, military information, energy issues, and subculture!

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A science documentary program that conveys new trends and noteworthy research related to science and technology in a ``deep, easy-to-understand, and entertaining'' manner.

Broadcast every Sunday from 08:28 to 09:00 on BS Fuji.