1. 2023

    Delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
    Changed company name to TOTOKU INC.

  2. 2022

    Parent company changed from Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. to TTC Holdings Co., Ltd.

  3. 2020

    Developed high frequency measurement jig
    Developed highly heat-resistant Leafconn
    Constructed a new factory in the Ueda office

    High heat resistant Leafconn
  1. 2019

    Developed magnetic plated wire TIW

  2. 2018

    Developed flexible flat cable "LEAFCONN H" conforming to next-generation high-speed interface standard "V-by-OneR US"
    Developed a high-frequency IC measurement jig suitable for transmission inspection of 100G Ethernet (25Gbps)

  3. 2017

    Developed a high-performance coaxial flat cable using RUOTA.

    High performance coaxial flat cable
  4. 2016

    Developed ultra-thin USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C cable ideal for large-capacity data transmission
    Transferred all shares of BELTONTOTOKU Technology Limited

  5. 2015

    Started sales of a new type of anti-freezing heater "NF Auto Heater GSL Type"

  6. 2013

    Transferred all shares of information equipment business and TOTOKU Nagaoka Co., Ltd.
    Established TTI LAGUNA PHILIPPINES INC. in the Philippines

  7. 2012

    Became a subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
    Through incorporation-type company split, Belton Toutoku Technology Limited Liability Company is established.
    Belton Totoku Technology Limited, Belton TOTOKU Technology (HK) Limited, Belton TOTOKU Technology LLC, and TOTOKU Phillippines Inc. become affiliated companies through a share exchange.

  1. 2009

    Relocated head office to Shimbashi, Minato-ku
    Developed low-loss triple insulated winding wire
    Commercialized electronic blackboard touch panel
    Transferred magnet wire business

  2. 2008

    Commercialization of flexible flat cable for digital signal transmission
    Commercialized ultra-fine needle type Contact Probes

    For digital signal transmission
    Flexible Flat Cable
  3. 2007

    Developed an ultra-high-resolution LCD (15 mega-subpixel) for mammography.

  4. 2006

    Developed a two-way wireless IC tag system.

  5. 2004

    Commercialization of active wireless IC tag system

  6. 2003

    Established TOTOKU (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Thailand
    Established TOTOKU (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. in China

    TOTOKU (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
  7. 2002

    Development of highly heat-resistant polyimide optical fiber

  8. 2001

    Developed a high-resolution liquid crystal display (3 million pixels) for displaying medical images.

  9. 2000

    Developed differential cable ASM for mobile base stations
    Developed wires for walking robots

  1. 1999

    Established TOTOKU PHILIPPINES INC. in the Philippines
    Developed a high-resolution CRT display (2 million pixels) for displaying medical images.

  2. 1997

    Established TOTOKU NORTH AMERICA INC. in the United States

  3. 1996

    Developed multimedia information terminal T2.
    Developed deflection yoke for completely flat CRT
    Established joint venture PT. TOTOKU INDONESIA in Indonesia

  4. 1995

    Commercialized display with touch panel
    Developed semi-rigid cable

  5. 1993

    Launched TOTOKU brand displays as high value-added products

    brand display
  6. 1991

    Developed liquid crystal display with CRT compatible interface
    Developed SM fiber cord with 8° oblique PC optical connector

  7. 1990

    Constructed a new head office building in Shinjuku, Tokyo on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of our founding.
    Developed solder corrosion resistant wire

    Factory festival commemorating the 50th anniversary of the company's founding
  1. 1989

    Established joint venture TOTOKU (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia

  2. 1987

    Started production of digital in-office cables.

  3. 1984

    Established a new display factory in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture.
    Development of deflection yoke for high-resolution CRT displays

  4. 1983

    Started production of optical fiber cords with connectors.

    Optical fiber cord with connector
  5. 1982

    Developed optical interface color CRT display

  6. 1981

    Developed high resolution CRT display
    Developed a liquid processing micro-slit filter (MS filter).

  1. 1979

    Capital participation in Rongxing Wire Industry Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
    Developed a CRT display for displaying Chinese characters.
    Started production of self-temperature-controlled tap water freeze prevention heater as our brand product.

  2. 1976

    Started production of corder coaxial cables for computers.

  3. 1972

    Commenced production of character CRT displays using high-resolution deflection yoke and deflection circuit technology.

    display production line
  4. 1970

    Succeeded in developing a high-resolution deflection yoke based on the technology cultivated in television deflection yokes.

    tv parts
    (deflection yoke, flyback transformer, degaussing coil)
  1. 1967

    Commercialization of tape wire used for internal wiring of computer main unit

  2. 1966

    Developed high-strength ultrafine magnet wire

  3. 1965

    Started manufacturing and selling degaussing coils for color TVs.

  4. 1963

    Developed copper clad aluminum wire

  5. 1962

    Developed magnetically plated wire for use in computers, applied for a patent and presented it at an academic conference, receiving high praise.

  6. 1961

    Established the Ueda factory, which is also the current main factory, aiming for further progress on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding
    Started production of communication cables.
    Their Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and his wife (currently Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress Emeritus) visit the Maruko Factory (March 1961)

    Ueda Factory
  1. 1958

    Developed heater wires for electric blankets

  2. 1957

    Started production of TV deflection yokes and transformers.

  3. 1955

    Developed fusible polyurethane copper wire

  4. 1954

    Stock listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  5. 1953

    Established a position as the top manufacturer in this field, accounting for more than 5% of the domestic production volume of silk wound fine wire.

  6. 1952

    Established Maruko factory and started operation
    Started production of vinyl insulated wires

    Maruko Factory (Showa 30's)
  1. 1945

    Started production of enameled wire

  2. 1943

    Factory moved to Nagano Prefecture, where the climate was suitable for manufacturing and developing electric wires.

    Shinano factory Enamel wire baking machine
  3. 1940

    Established TOTOKU ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. in Asakusa, Tokyo for the purpose of manufacturing and selling resistance wires and various electric wires.
    The business strategy was to "differentiate from other companies with distinctive products and technologies."
    Started sales of silk and cotton-wrapped resistance wires

    Founding President Nobuji Kobayashi