Triple Insulated Winding Wires

Reinforced insulated wire for switching power transformers with three layers of insulation.
Reduces heat generation in the coil, making the coil smaller and lower in profile.
We have a wide variety of conductor types and fused types for high frequency, high output transformer applications such as automotive and large capacity servers.

Product map(Applications by heat resistance class and switching frequency)

(Note) The switching frequency is only a guideline.

*1 Products within the TIW-SB framework can be provided as self-bonding types.

Acquired safety standards

Certification Agency TIW-2S TIW-2 TIW-2LZ TIW-3 TIW-3LZ TIW-E TIW-4 TIW-FE TIW-PF2
UL UL2353 (UL60950-1, UL60601-1)
CSA CAN/CSA C22.2 (No.60950-1-07, No.60065-03)
- -
TUV EN 60950-1, EN 60065 - -
- EN 60601-1 - - - -
VDE EN 60950-1 - - - -
- EN60601-1, EN61558-1,
EN61558-2-16, EN62368-1
- - - -
INTERTEK - EN60950-1, EN60065 - -

Self-bonding type

Certification Agency TIW-2SB TIW-2LZSB TIW-3SB TIW-3LZSB TIW-ESB
UL UL2353 (UL60950-1, UL60601-1)
TUV EN60950-1, EN60065
VDE EN60950-1、EN60601-1、EN61558-1、EN61558-2-16、EN62368-1 -
INTERTEK EN60950-1, EN60065 -

(note) Our electric wires are incorporated in the following systems.
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. SBI
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. HIS

(note) Please contact us as it varies depending on the product.

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