PLUS ULTRA -Further beyond-


Our company changed its name from "TOTOKU ELECTRIC Co., Ltd." to "TOTOKU INC." on April 1, 2023.To launch the new "TOTOKU", we have raised the slogan "PLUS ULTRA".

It is a phrase in Latin that means further forward. It was the motto of King Carlos I of Spain in the 1500s, and is also featured on the current Spanish flag (established in 1).

Our parent company has changed from a Japanese company to the foreign-owned Carlyle Group, and we consider this change in our capital relationship to be our "second founding."

"PLUS ULTRA" resonates with our company's desire to embark on a new voyage.

The new "TOTOKU" will go further and spread the word to the world so that more people than ever before will know about our company.

We decided to create the "PLUS ULTRA" logo to convey this idea in an easy-to-understand manner to everyone inside and outside the company.

We asked a designer to create a logo that would reflect our company's style and push us to "go further."

We selected the design from among several design candidates, mainly by our young employees, taking into account various aspects such as the business content, what our company values, whether it is suitable for TOTOKU in the future, and the image it will have when actually used.

The continuous growth is expressed by an arrow pointing upwards to the right, and the lines that make up the arrow are reminiscent of an electronic circuit.

In order to convey our company's thoughts contained in the slogan "PLUS ULTRA" to everyone, we will display it on our business cards and other items to give strength to our employees, and we will continue to display this logo and our thoughts in various places.