Origin of the TOTOKU product name

This article explains the origin of the unique product names given to TOTOKU products.


High performance coaxial cable, high speed digital signal transmission assembly

RUOTA means wheel in Italian.The product was named because of its external appearance, which resembles the shape of a car wheel.
By molding uniform voids in the longitudinal direction using fluororesin, it is possible to achieve stable characteristic impedance, and the braided wire molded with freely controlled twist pitch provides excellent electromagnetic noise resistance.The high frequency characteristics are strong in environmental resistance and the temperature phase change is slight. Suitable for 5G communication equipment, autonomous driving systems, medical equipment, etc., this cable is packed with special features from material development to manufacturing methods and techniques.

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Triple Insulated Winding Wires

It is a coined word combining the acronym for Triple Insulated Wire and "TOTOKU".
Electric wire with reinforced insulation by wrapping three layers of thin insulating tape over each other. A unique technology that simultaneously winds three thin layers of insulating tape spirally at high speed and at a uniform pitch creates a thin and supple finish.By combining stranded wires, compressed wires, and insulating tapes, we can create a variety of lineups, and these wires are the result of our accumulated know-how.

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High Frequency Cable Assemblies

A word coined from Microwave's Wave and the Italian word molle, which means "flexible," and represents a high-frequency, flexible cable.
Each band includes the 44 GHz and 70 GHz bands used in 5G and next-generation 5G communications, the 81 GHz band used in ADAS millimeter wave radar, and even the 120 GHz and 145 GHz bands, which are the highest frequencies for high-frequency measurement systems. We assemble flexible, high-performance coaxial cables and connectors that are compatible with your needs. Ideal for internal and external wiring of high-frequency equipment and lead wires for measuring equipment.
We can provide products with absolute phase adjustment to match your specified delay time and phase angle, and products with relative phase adjustment for assemblies of two or more.We also have products such as highly flexible armor reinforcements and narrow pitch multipole coaxial connection systems.

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Suspension wire, high strength lead wire

It is a coined word of Whisker and CUT.
Whisker: The image is of a product that is thin and flexible, like a cat's whiskers, and has a sensing function.
A linear spring with high straightness.It is a thin wire that is flexible and firm, and does not easily break. It is used as a linear spring material that can pass electrical signals, such as supporting the optical pickup lenses of DVDs, etc., and the lenses of camera modules of smartphones, etc.This is the pinnacle of our unique technique of processing alloy wire to make it thin, strong, and flexible.

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Flexible Flat Cable

Thin like a leaf, the veins of a leaf are likened to conductors, and are imagined as key parts that bring life to a product.
Flexible flat cable ideal for wiring in narrow spaces inside electronic devices.This wiring material is ideal for signal transmission within devices that require weight reduction and space saving, and for electricity supply.Ideal for flat TVs, printer heads, etc. V-by-One® (Note 1) US compliant high-speed signal transmission is also available.This product is a combination of wire processing technology, lamination technology, and signal transmission technology.

(Note 1) V-by-One® is a registered trademark of THine Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Special magnet wire

It is a coined word of Gee and DOME.Gee, an exclamation that expresses admiration or surprise, is reminiscent of the magnetism of a ferromagnetic layer, and DOME is reminiscent of the shielding effect of a ferromagnetic layer as a dome, and furthermore, it is an image of a magnetic barrier.
Special magnet wire with ferromagnetic layer.When formed into a coil, the Q characteristics are improved and the low-loss is low, making it suitable for miniaturizing the coil.

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NF auto heater

Water antifreeze device

It is a coined word from the acronym for "Non Freeze" and "auto heater" which means self-temperature control method.
A self-temperature control type heater in which the entire heating element detects the surrounding temperature and automatically controls the amount of heat generated.Slim design eliminates the need for a thermostat.Easy to install by laying vertically.Excellent weather resistance and durability.

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