The Group's key themes in sustainability management are "honest and fair corporate activities", "creating a workplace environment that values ​​human resources", and "creating value that creates a sustainable future". We are working on important issues (materiality) in balancing the following.

Materiality identification process

Materiality identification process

  • Extracting social issues

    We have compiled a list of social issues related to our group by referring to international guidelines such as GRI standards.

  • Materiality matrix
    Creation and examination of validity

    The list of social issues was divided into seven major categories, and each group evaluated each social issue from two axes: "impact on the company's business" and "impact on stakeholders" to create a materiality matrix. A third-party expert consultant examines the validity of the evaluation of each social issue.

  • Identification of materiality

    Items that are highly rated on both the "impact on our business" and "impact on stakeholders" axes of the materiality matrix are identified as materiality.
    We grouped the identified materiality into three themes.

  • Considering risks and opportunities

    Consider business risks and opportunities for the identified materiality.

  • In each materiality
    Setting indicators and goals

    We set indicators and targets, including specific numbers, for the identified materiality.

8 materials and theme classification

8 materialities and
Theme classification