Research and Development vision

We regard our products as rough stones for providing special value,
by repeatedly pioneering new areas, we will shift to electronic devices.
In addition, we are actively working to build an environment-friendly and appropriate working environment.
We aim to contribute to a sustainable future that exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders!

Solutions provided by TOTOKU

  1. Semiconductor field

    Continuous narrowing of product pitch
    Miniaturization including peripheral parts

  2. Mobility

    Improved heat resistance, withstand voltage performance, and miniaturization
    Thermal control on a local basis

  3. Communication field

    Reduced signal loss during high-speed communication

  4. Consumer equipment

    Rapid response to improvement cycle


Cooperation system

With three collaboration systems
aiming to achieve the R&D vision

  1. Internal collaboration

    By working together with the production technology department of the manufacturing division to address common technical issues, we aim to speed up development and improve operational efficiency.

  2. Affiliated company collaboration

    We will promote technology fusion and development of items for overseas by bringing together technologies with domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates.

  3. Industry-academia collaboration

    We are working on joint research with universities and AIST in order to increase opportunities for technological breakthroughs, unitization, and idea creation.


Proprietary technology

Development case

Registered patent

Patent registrations have been steadily increasing since 2019, and as of the end of 2022, 104 patents have been registered in Japan.
In the future, based on the development vision introduced above, we will not only deepen existing businesses but also develop new businesses. We will expand our intellectual property rights in a wide range of areas while conducting research.

Main equipment

  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Thermal analysis equipment (DTA, DSC, TG, TMA)
  • Precision universal testing machine
    (tensile, compression, peel, coefficient of friction)
  • Spiral sliding bending tester
  • Thermal shock device
  • Kneading/extrusion test equipment
  • Single axis alignment winding machine
  • 2-drum type die dynamic characteristic
    measurement wire drawing machine
  • Digital oscilloscope with TDR module
  • Arbitrary signal generator for 53Gbaud
    (Electromagnetic field analysis software)
  • ANSYS CFD Premium
    (thermal fluid analysis software)
  • By kneading/extrusion test equipment
    Development of new resin materials
  • Optimal for narrowing down wire drawing conditions
    Dynamic characteristic measurement wire drawing machine
  • Using ANSYS CFD Premium
    coaxial cable assembly
    Heat generation prediction analysis screen