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Second Founding Aiming to become a global niche company

On April 1, 2023, TOTOKU ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. and TTC Holding Co., Ltd. merged and made a new start as TOTOKU INC.For us at the TOTOKU Group, this merger is the largest capital transfer since our group's founding in 1940, and we are positioning it as our "second founding."Going forward, we will leverage the global resources and networks of our parent company, The Carlyle Group, and continue to innovate ourselves to become a global niche company.

The management philosophy of TOTOKU Group founder Nobuji Kobayashi is to take risks and aim for company growth. There was a development-oriented thought, "Let's create products as quickly as possible."Our group would like to return to the spirit of our founder, take risks, expand our business globally, and grow together with our customers around the world by releasing products that are one step ahead of our competitors.

Currently, the environment surrounding businesses is undergoing major changes on a global scale, including trade frictions, international disputes, and the advancement of digitalization.Additionally, the number of issues that companies must address as members of society has increased, such as the realization of a decarbonized society and work style reform.In such an environment, the TOTOKU Group develops and supplies electronic materials as a partner to our customers in fields such as EVs for mobility, 5G for communications, inspection equipment for semiconductors, and small transformers for consumer products. We create expected value and respond to society's needs.

The TOTOKU Group will contribute to the sustainable progress of global society through co-creation with employees, shareholders, customers, local communities and all other stakeholders.

Please look forward to the TOTOKU Group, which has made a new start.

TOTOKU INC. Director,President and CEO


Management philosophy

We will combine our technologies to become a pioneer in the world.
Through product and product development in pursuit of number one and only one,
We aim to be a company that is needed around the world.

We pursue the improvement of TOTOKU's technology with an enterprising spirit,
We will continue to provide products, products, and services that are useful to society and our customers.

We constantly create new value through co-creation with stakeholders,
We aim to become an indispensable presence for our customers.

We have a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity, are kind to nature,
We contribute widely to society with technology that enriches people's lives.

We respect the diversity of our employees and encourage each and every one of us to work together with enthusiasm.
We foster a corporate culture in which people think and act on their own.



TOTOKU Group uses technology to realize "thin, light, and small"
We enrich people, their lives, and society.



The TOTOKU Group solves problems with proposals through co-creation,
We aim to be a company that surprises and impresses our customers.



"Speed ​​& Challenge"

Continue to take on challenges with speed and without fear of failure

"Advanced & Originality"

Work with ideas that are not bound by the past or existing things

"Collaborating & Creating"

Co-creating new value with stakeholders

“Integrity & Fairness”

We will not tolerate injustice, discrimination or harassment.