Community activities

Community activities

We value coexistence with the natural environment, conservation of biodiversity, and connection with local activities.
We are striving to contribute to the local community.

Extermination of alien plants at Shiminryokuchi Park

We are carrying out activities to eradicate the invasive alien plant "Arctic melon" in the green park near the Ueda office.
Since 2005, it has been held every year.

Zero waste activity

Since 2000, we have been conducting a "Zero Garbage Pickup Activity" every year along National Route 18 near our Ueda Office.
This year, we set up a new route and collected approximately 4kg of trash in total.We will continue to work towards zero waste in the region.

To help prevent new corona infection
Donation of masks to local government agencies

Ueda City, the Ueda Regional Union Fire Department Headquarters, the Ueda Health and Welfare Office and We donated surgical masks and nitrile gloves to the Ueda Police Station.

Sponsoring the Installation of Security Cameras at Local Elementary Schools

As part of our contribution to the local community, we co-sponsored a project to install security cameras, and security cameras were installed at an elementary school near the Ueda office.
It is possible to check from the entrance to the public road, and we hope that it will help improve the safety and security of children in the future.

(Note) We have obtained prior consent from the school, the person who is the subject, and the guardian before posting the image.

Group company initiatives

Initiatives of each group company


Local cleanup activities

Every year, we pick up litter mainly on public roads in the surrounding area.


Supporting work experience for students

As a way to support the independence of students of special needs schools after graduation, we provide workplace experience for about two weeks.


Weeding activity on adjacent embankment

We carry out weeding activities every year to contribute to the development of green spaces on the borders of the Yodagawa River and our company premises.


Donation of masks

We are donating masks to government agencies to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.


Donation of teaching materials, etc.

Every year, the management company of the industrial park and tenant companies cooperate to donate teaching materials and sports equipment to local schools.

Mineral procurement

About responsible mineral sourcing

Some of the minerals produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its surrounding areas serve as a source of funding for armed groups that carry out inhumane acts, leading to gross human rights violations such as slave labor, child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, and abuse. It is believed to be encouraging acts of conflict.Minerals produced in these areas (tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold) that are a source of funds for the armed groups mentioned above are called "conflict minerals."With the aim of cutting off funding sources for armed groups, conflict minerals regulation provisions were included in the Financial Regulatory Reform Act enacted in July 2010 in the United States, and efforts to regulate conflict minerals have since been promoted internationally.

In recent years, there have also been regions experiencing political instability, repression, institutional shortcomings, and instability, areas where domestic infrastructure has collapsed, and areas where violence is widespread.These areas experience widespread human rights violations and violations of national or international law. In the EU, the EU Conflict Minerals Regulations, which came into effect in July 2017, have designated these areas as high-risk areas and are tightening regulations on minerals produced from high-risk areas.

In order to avoid complicity in human rights violations, environmental destruction, human rights violations and conflicts by armed groups, our group will not use minerals produced by illegal methods in conflict areas or high-risk areas, or parts made from such minerals in our products. This is our policy.

We ask that our business partners understand and cooperate with our group's efforts to eliminate conflict minerals.