High Performance Coaxial Cable

RUOTA equipment lead

This high-performance coaxial cable has excellent phase stability against temperature changes and is ideal for environments with large temperature changes, such as mobile base station antennas.

RUOTA is a coaxial cable that is suitable for high-frequency bands that support high-speed transmission of large amounts of data, thanks to its hollow structure dielectric.We provide products to a wide range of fields such as communications, automobiles, industrial equipment, and medical equipment.


  • Minimum phase fluctuation due to temperature changes
  • Characteristic impedance stability
  • good mechanical strength
  • High frequency compatible
  • Thinner diameter
  • Excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance

Phase fluctuation due to ambient temperature change

Phase fluctuation due to ambient temperature change


  • mobile base station
  • for antenna
  • Lead for connecting high frequency equipment
  • For high-speed differential transmission


Structure of lead for router equipment

Product catalog

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