Special magnet wire


It is a special magnet wire that can embody excellent characteristics with a ferromagnetic layer.

When used in high-frequency coils, Q characteristics are improved, loss is small, and coils can be made smaller.
It is mainly used for coils for transformers, and we provide it to fields that require low loss, heat suppression, and miniaturization of coils.


  • Parts can be made smaller and more energy efficient.
  • Highly reliable solder connections
  • Less increase in AC resistance
  • Very little thinning of the conductor

High-frequency resistance change rate (coil processed product)

High-frequency resistance change rate (coil processed product)

Conductor solder thinning

Conductor solder thinning


  • High frequency coil
  • Coil for transformer
  • Reactor coil
  • Coil for contactless power transfer
  • Inductor coil
  • High frequency current sensor coil (probe)
  • Others

Structure (cross-sectional structure) & variations

Conductor diameter: φ0.05mm to 0.15mm

Cross-sectional structure & variations

In addition to solid wires, we have a wide variety of variations, such as litz wires and insulating coatings such as tape and extrusion molding.

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