Ultra-fine alloy wire

Aluminum thin wire

Available as enamelled thin aluminum wire.

Fine aluminum wire has a specific gravity of 2.7, which is approximately 30% of the specific gravity of copper wire, making it a lightweight electric wire.When processed into a coil, it can be significantly lighter than copper wire.It can be provided as an enameled product and is suitable for voice coils, small motor coils, etc.


conductor Aluminum
Conductor wire diameter (Thin wire) φ0.05~0.12mm
Processing type
  • Stranded wire processing
  • enamel film


Mechanical elongation properties 10% or more


(Note) The manufacturable area varies depending on the material.Please contact us for more information.


  • Coil weight can be reduced → Improved movement response
  • The weight of the coil can be reduced → the weight of the embedded device can be reduced


  • voice coil
  • Coil for small motor
  • Coil for contactless power transfer
  • Various moving coils
  • lightweight electric wire

Structure (cross-sectional structure)

Conductor wire diameter: φ0.05 to 0.12mm

Conductor wire diameter: φ0.05 to 0.12mm

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