Promotion of environmental conservation

Initiatives to promote environmental protection

In order to realize management that values ​​the environment, based on our environmental policy,
We are promoting initiatives that will help resolve issues surrounding the global environment.

Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas CO2 emissions

We aim to reduce greenhouse gases as part of our contribution to a decarbonized society, and in addition to energy-saving activities, we are promoting initiatives such as promoting solar power generation and introducing electricity derived from renewable energy.

Solar power generation device

In order to promote the use of renewable energy, we installed solar power generation equipment at our newly built factory in 2020 and are gradually expanding the installation.
Currently, the annual power generation amount is approximately 297,000kWh.This will reduce oil by approximately 76,000 liters per year and reduce CO2 by approximately 135 tons per year.

CO2Introduction of free electricity

Our offices in Nagano Prefecture (Ueda Office and Maruko Office) procure CO2-free electricity from hydroelectric power plants, "Green Denki", from Chubu Electric Power Miraiz, Inc.The introduction of this "Green Denki" will begin in fiscal 2021, and in fiscal 2022, 20% of the total electricity used at the Ueda and Maruko offices will be replaced, with plans to further increase this.We will continue to promote initiatives to increase the ratio of renewable energy.

CO2-free electricity purchase record certificate

Initiatives to reduce waste

In order to reduce the environmental impact of waste generated in the course of our business activities, we are particularly committed to thorough waste separation and recycling for waste reduction and recycling.
As a result, we have achieved zero emissions at our domestic offices.We will continue to work on effective resource use and recycling with the aim of sustainable resource circulation.

Green procurement

Green Procurement

In order to promote the development and manufacturing of earth-friendly products with low environmental impact, we ask our business partners to cooperate with us based on our Green Procurement Guidelines, which summarize our green procurement requirements.

13th edition (Revised April 1, 2023)
TOTOKU INC. Green Procurement Guidelines
Chemical substance management

Management of chemical substances in products

Based on the provisions of laws and regulations, we are promoting efforts to eliminate harmful chemical substances that must not be contained in products.
In terms of procurement, we ask our business partners to thoroughly manage chemical substances contained in products based on our Green Procurement Guidelines.
In our company, we use a chemical substance management system to centrally manage information on chemical substances contained in products represented by European regulations such as RoHS and REACH, and to ensure that raw materials do not contain substances prohibited by law. etc., are strictly adhered to.