Our group upholds the idea that "compliance comes before everything else" as the basis of our corporate activities. Everyone recognizes that "compliance means observing laws and regulations, and also acting in accordance with the values ​​and ethics expected of companies and business people as members of society," and in their own actions, they should act in line with society. We are promoting compliance activities with an awareness of connections.

Specifically, we have established a CSR Code of Conduct that outlines how each individual should behave, and we are working to ensure that this is followed thoroughly.We also strive to practice on a daily basis the following: ``notice'' whether your own behavior is in line with the code of conduct, ``talk'' about it by not leaving it alone and seek advice, and ``correct'' by making corrections or improvements. Masu.

CSR Code of Conduct

Overview of CSR Code of Conduct

1. Human Rights

1. Respect for human rights and prohibition of discriminatory treatment

We respect the human rights of all people and do not engage in discrimination or harassment based on race, nationality, creed, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social origin, age, disability, educational background, family situation, etc. yeah.We strive to eliminate discrimination in employment and achieve equal opportunity and fairness in treatment.

2. Prohibition of Harassment

We respect the individuality and humanity of all people, and do not engage in behavior or harassment that denies them.We will not engage in sexual behavior or sexual harassment that may make others uncomfortable.

3. Prohibition of child labor and forced labor

We do not engage in child labor or forced labor, nor do we permit our business partners to engage in such practices.

4. Respect for fundamental labor rights

Based on the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region, we respect basic labor rights such as the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively.

5. Promoting diversity and inclusion (ensuring and accepting diversity)

By respecting the diversity of ways of thinking and values ​​of individuals who differ from various backgrounds, increasing the abilities and job satisfaction of each individual, and leveraging each other's strengths to transform them into the strength of the organization, we aim to become a creative and vibrant corporate group. We aim to

2. Working environment

1. Appropriate working conditions and working hours

In addition to complying with labor-related laws and regulations, we will manage employment appropriately in accordance with labor agreements, employment regulations, etc.

2. Ensuring safety and health

Recognizing that ensuring safety is a prerequisite for carrying out work, we strive to maintain a safe, sanitary, and healthy work environment.

3. Creating a rewarding workplace

We have established a system to support diverse work styles and promote autonomous work-life management among employees, achieving both sustainable growth for the company and fulfillment of individual lives, so that employees can feel proud and fulfilled in their work. Create a workplace culture.

3. Global environment

1. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We conduct our business activities in compliance with domestic and international environmental laws and regulations as well as internal regulations at each stage of research and development, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, disposal, etc.

2. Preservation of the global environment

We strive to protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gases, reducing and reusing waste, conserving water resources, and properly managing chemical substances, as well as preventing pollution. Contributing to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

3. Contributing to a society coexisting with nature

We will consider the impact of all our business activities on the ecosystem, strive to conserve biodiversity and use resources sustainably, and contribute to the realization of a society that coexists with nature.

4. Products/Services

1. Ensuring product safety and reliability

We provide products and services that are highly reliable and safe, and take necessary measures to prevent damage to the lives, bodies, or property of users.When designing products, we take care to meet the safety standards stipulated by the laws and regulations of each country.

2. Providing excellent products and services

We have a thorough commitment to quality and provide quality products and services from the customer/user perspective.

3. Understanding and complying with quality rules

We will accurately understand and comply with laws and regulations related to the quality of our products and services, as well as internal and external regulations, and ensure that contracts with customers are properly executed.

5. Overseas business/International transactions

1. Comply with laws and regulations and respect international codes of conduct

When conducting overseas business, we thoroughly research and comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region.We also respect the religions, customs, cultures, and traditions of each country and region.In countries and regions where laws or their enforcement do not meet social demands such as international codes of conduct, we will strive to respect international codes of conduct to the maximum extent possible.

2. Compliance with import and export related laws and regulations

We will carry out appropriate procedures regarding the import and export of goods and technologies regulated by laws and regulations.We will ensure that exported products and technologies are not used for military purposes such as the development of weapons, especially for the development of weapons of mass destruction.In addition, we will not conduct transactions with countries or persons subject to sanctions specified by Japan, the United States, or the countries where our subsidiaries and affiliates are located, and we will not support transactions of third parties involving countries or persons subject to sanctions. will not be performed.

6. Fair trade

1. Prohibition of acts that restrict competition

We will not engage in acts that violate the competition laws of each country (cartels, bid rigging, market division, etc.), and will always engage in fair and free competition between companies, paying close attention to contact with other companies in the same industry.

2. Prohibition of abuse of dominant position

We will not abuse our dominant position to put our business partners, including subcontractors, at a disadvantage, and we will comply with the Subcontract Act and other related laws and conduct appropriate transactions and responsible procurement.

7. Relationships with customers, business partners, and society

1. Prohibition of bribery

civil servant or quasi-civil servant1We will not provide, promise or offer anything of value in return for favors, etc., either directly or indirectly through third parties such as agents or consultants.In addition, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region, we will not provide, promise or offer anything of value to customers, business partners, etc. outside of the public sector in order to obtain unfair profits, nor will we make demands.

1“Public servant or quasi-public servant” includes all officers or employees of government agencies, organizations, contract agencies, authorized organizations, customs officials, candidates for political office, and employees of public international organizations (such as the Red Cross).This also includes officers and employees of state-owned and state-owned enterprises with commercial activities, such as public universities, airlines, oil companies, medical facilities or other distributors.This includes not only regular employees but also temporary and part-time employees.It also includes relatives and close associates of such individuals. (For example, if giving gifts to a government official is prohibited under this Code, giving gifts of value to a sibling, spouse, or child of that official is prohibited.)

2. Prohibition of excessive entertainment, etc.

We will not provide excessive entertainment or gifts to customers, business partners, etc.Furthermore, we will not accept such entertainment from business partners, etc.

3. The correct way to interact with politics

We maintain a transparent and fair relationship with politics, and make political contributions and donations in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of each country and region, internal rules, etc.

4. Cut off relationships with anti-social forces

We will take a firm stance against anti-social forces (anti-social individuals or groups) and cut off all relationships with them in order to avoid giving in to their unreasonable demands.

5. Cooperation with business partners

We position our business partners, such as suppliers and manufacturing contractors, as business partners, and work together to promote CSR by using CSR promotion guidelines, requesting thorough legal compliance, and providing improvement guidance.

6. Social contribution

In addition to contributing to society through our business, we will actively engage in social contribution activities by cooperating with local activities.

8. Asset protection and management

1. Prohibition of unauthorized use of company assets

We will appropriately manage company assets (money, merchandise, information, fixtures, etc.), whether tangible or intangible, and will not misuse or misappropriate them for personal purposes.

2. Protection of intellectual property rights

We will appropriately protect our own intellectual property and respect the rights of others.We will not engage in acts that infringe on the rights of others.

3. Management of confidential information

We will manage confidential information appropriately and will not disclose or use it without permission.When obtaining confidential information of others, we will obtain it from parties with legitimate authority and by legitimate means, manage it appropriately, and use it within the scope of the intended purpose.

4. Protection of personal information

Personal information will be appropriately managed and handled in accordance with relevant laws and internal regulations to prevent unauthorized use or leakage outside the company.

5. Appropriate use of information systems

We take defensive measures against threats on computer networks and manage them to prevent damage to our company and others.

9. Information disclosure

1. Timely information disclosure

Important information regarding our group, including financial information, will be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

2. Ensuring the appropriateness of financial reporting

We will accurately disclose company information, including financial statements.Financial statements are prepared in accordance with laws, corporate accounting principles, accounting standards, etc., so that financial conditions and business results are accurately displayed.

3. Ensuring the appropriateness of tax returns

We aim to maintain and improve tax compliance by acquiring correct knowledge about taxes, preparing transaction documents and tax returns in accordance with business objectives and business conditions, and ensuring appropriate tax payments for all transactions.

4. Prohibition of insider trading

If we learn of important undisclosed company information regarding a listed company or its subsidiary, we will not trade in securities issued by the listed company until that information is made public.Additionally, if we learn of such company information, we will not divulge it to anyone else until it is made public.

10. Obligations of officers and employees

1. Compliance practices

We recognize that compliance at our group is not just about complying with laws and regulations, but also about acting in accordance with the values ​​and ethics expected of companies and business people as members of society, and we put this into practice.We will not issue business instructions or orders that violate compliance.

2. Responsibility of management

In order for the Group to fulfill its social responsibilities, officers will take the initiative in complying with laws and regulations, this Code, etc., and working to appropriately operate internal controls and continuously improve them.

3. Prohibition of conflicts of interest

We will not engage in any act that would benefit ourselves or a third party, or harm the interests of the company, based on our position or information obtained in the course of our duties.Furthermore, without the company's consent based on prescribed procedures, we will not engage in any action that may conflict with the company's interests or assume such a position.

4. Reporting violations of laws and regulations

If we become aware that an act that violates laws, regulations, this Code, internal rules, etc. is about to be committed or has already been committed, we will immediately report it to our superiors, whistleblower desk, or corporate auditors.The company will respond in good faith to reports made by these persons, and unless the report was made for an illegal purpose, the company will not disadvantage the reporter in terms of status or treatment.

5. Cooperation with investigations and prevention of recurrence

When the company conducts an investigation into violations or suspected violations of laws and regulations, we will cooperate in good faith with the investigation.We preserve related documents and data as they are, and do not conceal, falsify, or discard them.If a violation is found, we will promptly correct it and take measures to prevent recurrence.

6. Crisis management/business continuity plan

In order to protect the life and physical safety of everyone involved, we prepare emergency response plans in anticipation of disasters and accidents that may occur, and thoroughly disseminate them within the workplace.We will also work on a business continuity plan to quickly restore core operations even in the event of an unexpected situation.

Establish June 26, 2023

Whistleblowing system

Internal reporting system

We have established an internal reporting system to prevent acts that violate compliance and to promptly correct compliance-related issues when they occur.
In addition to an internal reporting desk, we have also established a reporting desk using an external third-party organization, so that reports can be made from either of these channels.
When a report is received, we take appropriate measures to ensure that the whistleblower does not suffer any disadvantage.