Risk management policy

Risk management policy

Our group has established the following risk management policy, and our basic policy is to take appropriate risk responses, placing the highest importance on the lives of our employees, business continuity, and contributing to our stakeholders.

  1. We will strengthen our group's risk management capabilities and strive to preserve, protect, or recover the profits and assets of each group company, as well as protect the lives, bodies, and interests of our members.
  2. By strengthening our group's risk management capabilities, we will contribute to protecting the interests of our business partners, local residents, and other stakeholders.
  3. We aim to improve the awareness of our members about risk management and contribute to improving their risk management skills not only in their work but also in their social life in general.
Risk management attempt

Risk management initiatives

We understand the risks associated with our group's business operations, establish risk management methods to avoid and minimize losses, and regularly verify the validity of these management methods.

In particular, related departments and committees are working to develop preventive measures and risk reduction measures regarding safety, quality, the environment, etc.

In the event of a serious risk of loss, such as a natural disaster or infectious disease, we have a system in place to take prompt and appropriate responses, led by the Risk Management Committee, in order to minimize damage and ensure business continuity.

information security

Information security

Our basic policy is to appropriately manage information, which is an important management asset, by establishing an information security policy and an information security policy.Based on our information security manual, we are working to ensure the protection of information within our group as well as information provided by our customers.In addition to taking measures such as virus countermeasures and information access management, we conduct regular IT security diagnoses and strive to maintain and improve security.Additionally, we regularly conduct information security training for employees to raise awareness and ensure compliance.

Security trade control

Security trade control

From the perspective of maintaining international peace and security, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and prevention of excessive stockpiling of conventional weapons, we export goods that are regulated by export-related laws and regulations such as the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. Regarding the provision of technology and intermediary trade transactions, we pay close attention to compliance with laws and regulations and avoid detouring exports to countries of concern.