Creating rewarding workplaces

Creating a rewarding workplace

Training to create a harassment-free workplace

Respect for human rights

In our CSR Code of Conduct, our group has established the following philosophy that emphasizes creating a comfortable workplace based on respect for human rights, and we are working on it as follows.
"We respect the human rights of all people and do not discriminate or harass based on race, nationality, creed, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social origin, age, disability, academic background, family situation, etc. We strive to eliminate discrimination in employment and achieve equal opportunity and fair treatment."

As part of this effort, we have established the following to create a harassment-free workplace.
"We respect the individuality and humanity of all people, and do not engage in behavior or harassment that denies them. We do not engage in sexual behavior or harassment that may make others uncomfortable."
We aim to be a company where everyone can abide by this and work cheerfully and energetically.

Training for manufacturing human resources

Human resource development initiatives

We recognize that leveraging the abilities of diverse human resources is an important measure essential for sustainable growth and increasing corporate value. We are working to create an environment within the company that allows women and older people to demonstrate their abilities even further.
We also provide rank-specific education, safety education, development of manufacturing personnel, leadership training, compliance awareness, and education related to the operations of each department.

Diverse human resources can play an active role
Creating a work environment

Our company respects the individuality of each person and fosters a corporate culture where each employee thinks and acts on their own with enthusiasm.Our basic policy is to aim to become a creative and vibrant corporate group by respecting the diversity of ideas and values ​​of individuals, increasing their abilities and job satisfaction, and leveraging each other's strengths to transform them into the strength of the organization. is.

To achieve this, from the perspective of promoting the active participation of women, we are actively recruiting and training female employees, and are working to enhance systems that allow women to play an active role in the workplace even after giving birth and raising children.We also promote initiatives such as creating opportunities and workplaces where everyone from young to old can play an active role, mid-career recruitment to take advantage of diverse careers and abilities, and creating an environment where people with disabilities can work with peace of mind. We will strive to revitalize the whole area.

Work-life balance initiatives

With the aim of achieving a balance between work and personal life, we are working to enhance systems that support flexible work styles and ways to take time off.
As part of this, we offer individual days off in the month of birth, accumulated vacation (※1), individual continuous planned vacation (※2), hourly paid vacation (※3), and consecutive holidays in milestone years after 10 years of service (※4). etc. are being institutionalized.

  1. A system in which the remaining days of annual paid leave can be used as accumulated leave, up to a maximum of 60 days, which can be used for long-term sick leave, raising children, volunteering, etc.
  2. A system that allows individuals to take three consecutive days of vacation each year, with the aim of allowing individuals to take planned consecutive vacations and refresh themselves.
  3. A system that allows you to take annual paid leave in hourly increments (up to 5 days per year)
  4. A system where you can take 3 days of paid vacation after 10 years of service, 5 days after 20 years of service, and 5 days after 30 years of service.
Occupational health and safety

Occupational safety and health

Basic Ideology

Our group not only promotes basic "legal compliance" but also focuses on "safety people" and "intrinsic safety."Furthermore, our basic philosophy is to carry out safety activities centered on three activities, including "safety management," and aim for zero accidents and zero illnesses.

Promotion system

The Group has established the Group Safety and Health Council, led by the president, as the highest organization to promote occupational safety and health management throughout the group.At this meeting, management members serve as members of the council and deliberate, decide on, and follow up on policies and measures for safety and health activities for the entire group.

Safety and health initiatives

Our company establishes a safety and health activity policy each year and promotes group-wide initiatives.Based on our policy, we are focusing on "pursuing essential safety," "near-miss activities involving all employees," "4R-KYT (hazard prediction training) in small groups," and "maintaining the mental and physical health of employees." .

Examples of main initiatives

  • 4R-KYT training course

    We regularly conduct education and training for all employees to become safe people who can predict hazards (KY).

  • Walking path and pointing and calling marks

    As part of KY (hazard prediction) activities, we point to the work target and confirm safety by speaking out loud.

  • President safety patrol 

    Through safety patrols that emphasize dialogue, we work to find, eliminate, reduce, and change risks.

  • “Anzen Dojo” of overseas subsidiary (China)

    We have set up a dojo where inexperienced workers can increase their sensitivity to danger through hands-on experience.

  • Overseas subsidiary (Philippines)
    "Anzen Dojo"

    We have set up a dojo where inexperienced workers can increase their sensitivity to danger through hands-on experience.

  • Safety and health activity presentation 

    We hold a presentation every year regarding the safety and health activities of the TOTOKU Group and award outstanding activities.The aim is to improve safety and health activities across the group by having workplace representatives present good examples of safety and health activities and disseminating information horizontally.