Ultra-fine alloy wire

Plated wire

It is an electric wire that gives functionality to the surface by plating copper or copper alloy wire.

It is used for various coils, high-frequency wires, heat-resistant wires, corrosion-resistant wires, solderable wires, etc. by adding functionality specific to each plating material to the surface of the wire.


conductor Copper, copper alloy, stainless steel, etc.
Wire diameter φ0.03~1.2mm (note)
Plating type
  • Nickel plating: heat resistance/corrosion resistance
Processing type (note)
  • Stranded wire processing
  • enamel film


(Note) The manufacturable area varies depending on the material.Please contact us for more information.


  • Wiring materials inside equipment
  • high frequency cable
  • Heater wire
  • Coil wire

Structure (cross-sectional structure)

Conductor wire diameter: φ0.03 to 1.2mm

Conductor wire diameter: φ0.03 to 1.2mm

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