Ultra-fine alloy wire

Two-core parallel lead wire

A lead wire for electronic components made of two enameled wires glued together in parallel.

Enamel wire with a small diameter (φ0.06mm to 0.3mm) has excellent wiring inside electronic devices.Since it is a long product, long wiring routes are also possible.
Mainly used as lead wires for electronic components such as thermistors, we provide them in a wide range of fields including medical equipment, industrial equipment, automobiles, and communication equipment.


conductor 金属
Conductor wire diameter (Thin wire) 0.06mm to 0.30mm
Processing type
  • Two-core parallel lead wire
  • Three-core parallel lead wire


  • Two enameled wires glued in parallel
  • Two enameled wires can be torn apart (the enamel film will not be damaged even if they are torn)
  • Enamel film can be soldered directly without peeling
  • Metal conductor and enamel coating materials can be customized.
  • Enamel film can be colored (two colors can also be separated)
  • Three-core parallel lead wires are also available.

Characteristics of two-core parallel lead wire


  • Lead wire for thermistor
  • Lead wire for sensor parts
  • Wiring materials inside equipment

Thermistor image

Thermistor image

Structure (cross-sectional structure)

Conductor wire diameter: φ0.06mm to 0.30mm

Conductor wire diameter: φ0.06mm to 0.30mm

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