High Mechanical Strength Lead Wire

WHISCUT lead wire

Straight and easy-to-use enameled wire with high strength, high conductivity, and high withstand voltage.

Suitable as wiring material for various precision equipment.
The ultra-thin diameter and high straightness improve wiring workability.
・Wiring for moving parts that requires strength
・Insertion into small holes and small diameter tubes, which is difficult with ultra-thin diameter copper wire.
・Improved workability for terminal preliminary soldering



Copper alloy (please contact us for other materials)

Conductor diameter


coating Insulating, slippery, fusion coating
Coating thickness

1.5μm or more (the higher the withstand voltage, the thicker it is)

Withstand voltage

200 ~ 5000V

Tensile strength




curvature radius

R1000mm or more (total length is straight)


  • Free design (adjustable material, size, color, etc.) ⇒ Possibility of design optimization, reduction of man-hours, and automation
  • Easy to handle and has good workability (high straightness, high strength, smoothness) ⇒ Possibility of reducing man-hours and automation
  • Can be cut and provided as bobbins ⇒ Possibility of reducing man-hours and automation
  • Small lot support ⇒ Inventory reduction
  • Enables rapid prototyping through integrated production ⇒ Contributes to development


  • Wiring materials for fine pitch electrical inspection equipment
  • Internal wiring materials for various medical devices
  • Robot movable parts wiring material
  • Wiring material within precision boards and between boards

Image of non-contact and contact

Image of non-contact and contact


Whiscut structure 1Whiscut structure 2


Please contact us for detailed specifications.

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