Heat Resistance Wire

PFA insulated wire

The maximum continuous operating temperature is 250℃.

PFA insulated wire has excellent electrical and mechanical properties as well as heat, cold and chemical resistance.This product is especially suitable for wiring in high-temperature environments such as around furnaces and engines, and environments exposed to chemicals such as chemical factories.


  • The maximum continuous operating temperature is 250℃.
  • It has excellent electrical properties such as low relative permittivity and low dielectric loss.
  • It has excellent heat and cold resistance, oil and chemical resistance, and is nonflammable.


  • Internal wiring of electronic equipment, information equipment, etc.
  • Secondary lead wire for general equipment
  • Wiring around furnaces and engines that get hot
  • Wiring in extremely low temperature environments (below -150℃)


Structure of PFA insulated wire

Annealed copper single wire, annealed copper stranded wire, tin-plated annealed copper single wire,
Tin-plated annealed copper stranded wire, silver-plated annealed copper wire,
Nickel plated annealed copper wire/copper alloy wire

Hue Available in 9 colors: black, white, red, yellow, green, brown, orange, gray, and purple.

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