Triple Insulated Winding Wires

Class B heat-resistant triple insulated winding wire

Reinforced insulated wire with tape winding coating that satisfies the heat resistance requirements of Class B (130°C).

Ideal for downsizing transformers used in power equipment.We offer products that can meet all needs, including high-frequency, low-loss grades.The self-fusion type is bobbinless and can be automated for coil winding.
For use in high-frequency power supplies, we have developed a stranded wire type with a special coating on the surface of the conductor wire.This makes it possible to reduce the finished diameter and improve solderability.


  • The product has a narrow outer diameter.
  • Soldering is possible without peeling off the coating.
  • It is also easy to remove the coating.
  • It is possible to reliably isolate the primary and secondary sides of the transformer.
  • No need for barriers, interlayer tape, or insulation tape.
  • It has a coating strength that can withstand high-speed winding.
Features of triple-layer insulated wire


They are used in switching power supplies and transformers in AC adapters, which are widely used in industrial and consumer equipment.

  • Switching power supply
  • Power supply for PC (AC adapter)
  • Mobile phone charger


Structure of TIW

With a three-layer insulation structure, it is positioned as a reinforced insulated wire in terms of safety standards.

Conductor composition
  • Single line
  • litz wire
  • compression stranded wire
  • Stranded wire for high frequency


Product catalog

For more information on triple-layer insulated wires, please download the catalog below.

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