Triple Insulated Winding Wires

Class H heat-resistant triple insulated winding wire

Reinforced insulated wire with tape winding coating that satisfies the heat resistance requirements of Class H (180°C).

Ideal for downsizing transformers used in power supply equipment.In addition to round wire, it also supports flat wire.


  • It has the best heat resistance.
  • The product has a narrow outer diameter.
  • It is possible to reliably isolate the primary and secondary sides of the transformer.
  • No need for barriers, interlayer tape, or insulation tape.
  • It has a coating strength that can withstand high-speed winding.
Features of triple-layer insulated wire


It can be used in environments where heat resistance is required, such as high temperature environments and power supplies where heat generation is difficult to control.Suitable for use in harsh environments such as aerospace.

  • High output power supply for industrial equipment
  • server power supply
  • Other power transformers that require heat resistance


With a three-layer insulation structure, it is positioned as a reinforced insulated wire in terms of safety standards.

Conductor composition
  • round wire
  • Flat wire

Product Catalog

For more information on triple-layer insulated wires, please download the catalog below.

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