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NTC temperature sensor wire

This is a temperature sensor wire in which a resistance wire (signal wire) is spirally wound around a core thread, a plastic sensor layer is formed, a resistance wire (signal wire) is wrapped around it to form a double layer, and it is insulated with vinyl chloride resin.
By combining with temperature control equipment, it can be used to detect the temperature of a wide range of heater products such as electric carpets.

Rated voltage 300V or less
Operating temperature upper limit 75 ℃
Standard outer diameter 2.2 mm

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  • Highly flexible sensor wire with excellent physical properties (insulation, flame retardance, strength, etc.).
  • A plastic thermistor with NTC characteristics can be used in combination with a control device to detect the temperature of the device. (note 1)
NTC characteristics


  • Temperature detection of electric blankets, electric carpets, etc.


Structure of NTC temperature sensor wire

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