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Single wire heater wire

A heater wire in which a resistance wire (heating wire) is spirally wound around a core thread, an intermediate layer is formed, and a resistance wire (detection wire) is wound to form a two-layered heater wire, which is insulated with vinyl chloride resin.

This is a safe and secure heater wire that combines temperature detection and safety protection elements, and can be used in a wide range of heating applications.
Rated voltage 300V or less
Operating temperature upper limit 110 ℃
Maximum calorific value 8W / m
Standard outer diameter 1.9mm, 2.3mm
Standard resistance value (heating wire) 0.3Ω/m~300Ω/m
Standard resistance value (detection wire) 10Ω/m~90Ω/m

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  • Highly flexible heater wire with excellent physical properties (insulation, flame retardance, strength, etc.).
  • Since temperature can be detected along the entire length of the heater wire, wide-range temperature control is possible when combined with a temperature control device.
  • It is possible to detect localized temperature rises in heater wires.


  • Heaters for heating electric blankets, electric carpets, etc.


Structure of single line heater wire

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