High Frequency Cable Assemblies

Narrow pitch multi-pole coaxial connection system

This is a multi-pole coaxial connector that can connect multiple coaxial lines from DC to 67GHz at once using a printed circuit board connector and cable connector.

A dedicated cable is used, and many coaxial connectors are available for connection.
Due to the narrow pitch, the area occupied on the board can be reduced.


  • The plug connector part of the narrow-pitch multi-pole coaxial connection system is a small connector with a narrow pitch (8 pins (8x1), 16 pins (8x2)), and has significantly higher density mounting than existing coaxial multi-pole connectors. made possible.
  • The cable assembly also supports matching the delay times of all 8 or 16 transmission lines.This allows data transmission and acquisition of synchronized signals as well as data transmission and acquisition of differential signal transmission lines.
  • The cable section uses our proprietary technology to create an extremely flexible cable structure with low attenuation and low reflection.We also have a variety of coaxial connectors that are compatible with this cable. (1.85, 2.92, SMA plug jack, SMP, jack connector)


  • Multi-channel connection is possible from the printed circuit board connector to measurement equipment, etc.
  • Coaxial jumper for board-to-board connection
  • High-density mounting on evaluation boards, etc.
  • IC chip test board
  • Various evaluation devices


Application image of narrow pitch multipolar coaxial connection system


16-pole, 8-pole structure
Flexible, wideband cable assembly diagrams
PCB connector, cable plug dimensions

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