High Frequency Cable Assemblies

Microwave Coaxial Cable Assembly Standard Specifications

A coaxial cable assembly that can be used in the microwave band from DC to 145GHz. *Highly flexible armor reinforced type is the standard specification for TCF107 and TCF119 assemblies.

We have the most suitable cable for each frequency band.
A wide variety of terminal connectors are available.
A new soft jacket type has also been added to the lineup.

・Plug-jack conversion of the same type of connector
・Plug-jack conversion of different types of connectors
・Right-angle shape with no characteristic deterioration (angle can be specified)
etc. is possible.

Supports a variety of usage environments with terminal shapes and a wide variety of connector variations.


Flexible, wideband cable assembly diagrams

・A flexible cable assembly that can be used in a wide band.
・Excellent phase stability against temperature changes and bending.
・Uses a precision connector that can be repeatedly attached and detached.
・We can provide short delivery times starting from 1 piece of your specified length.Phase adjustment is also available upon request.


Internal and external wiring for high-frequency equipment, lead wires for measuring instruments, etc.


cable structure

cable structure

Assembly appearance

Specified length mm±2%

Connector/cable combination table


connector type 18GHz NP D      
NJ E      
N-LP DL      
N-LJ EL      
20GHz SMA-P A   * ○
SMA-J B     * ○
26.5GHz 3.5-P F      
3.5-J G      
3.5-LP FL          
3.5-LJ GL          
40GHz 2.92-P K    
2.92-J M    
2.92-LP KL    
2.92-LJ ML    
SMP-J SMP            
44GHz 2.92-P K44G          
2.92-J M44G          
2.92-LP KL44G          
2.92-LJ ML44G          
50GHz 2.4-P Q          
2.4-J R          
2.4-LP QL          
2.4-LJ RL          
65GHz SMPM-J SMPM          
67GHz 1.85-P T          
1.85-J U          
1.85-LP TL          
1.85-LJ UL          
70GHz 1.85-P T70G            
1.85-J U70G            
1.85-LP TL70G            
1.85-LJ UL70G            
110GHz 1.0-P X            
1.0-J Y            
1.0-LP XL            
1.0-LJ YL            
120GHz 1.0-P X120G              
1.0-J Y120G              
1.0-LP XL120G              
1.0-LJ YL120G              
125GHz 0.8-P ZP              
1.0-J 1.0J              
145GHz 0.8-P ZP              
0.8-J ZJ              
Maximum applicable cable length (m) 50 21 16 9 0.7 3 3
Cable standard maximum length (m) 20 21 5 2 0.3 3 3

For assemblies with cable lengths exceeding the standard maximum length (m), please contact our sales representative.

△ is under development, please contact our sales department.

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