High Frequency Cable Assemblies

About part numbers

About part numbers
*For detailed specification of special specification products such as absolute phase specification and angle product bending direction specification, please feel free to contact our sales department as specifications need to be determined after a meeting each time.
*4 For TCF119 and TCF107, HS armor is the standard specification, so it is not necessary to describe it.
*5 If the angle is other than 90°, please specify the specified angle by adding parentheses after “L”. Example: L (45)

Completed length

Applicable connector symbol table

SMA-Plug SMA-Jack N-Plug N-Jack 3.5mm - Plug 3.5mm - Jack 2.92mm - Plug 2.92mm - Jack
K44G M44G Q R T T70G * U U70G *
2.92mm - Plug 2.92mm - Jack 2.4mm - Plug 2.4mm - Jack 1.85mm - Plug 1.85mm - Plug 1.85mm - Jack 1.85mm - Jack
X Y X120G Y120G 1.0J ZP ZJ
1.0mm - Plug 1.0mm - Jack 1.0mm - Plug 1.0mm - Jack 1.0mm - Jack 0.8mm - Plug 0.8mm - Jack


*2.92mm connectors are also called "K connectors" and 1.85mm connectors are also called "V connectors."



  • A version with reinforced cable part is available.Please specify by adding the symbol "H, HS, SJ" after the cable size.
  • A version with an angled terminal connector is available.For right angle (standard), please specify by adding the "L" symbol after the connector type symbol.
    For other angles, please add (??) (?? is an angle) after the "L" symbol and specify "L(??)".
    Example: For TL(45) 1.85mm plug 45 degree type, if the terminal connector is angled type, the angle of each terminal, and if both ends are angled type, the direction etc. must be determined in advance.
    Please inquire in detail.
  • For applications where skew is a problem in digital transmission, etc., we offer a phase adjustment option to align multiple electrical lengths.Please specify by adding "PM" or "APM" symbol after the assembly length. →Link to phase adjustment product page
  • Different types of connectors and male and female connectors (plugs, jacks) can be combined as long as they are compatible with each cable size. (Example: TCF280 cable with 2.92mm plug connector on one end and 2.4mm jack connector on the other end) →Link to standard specification connector/cable combination table →Link to highly flexible armor specification connector/cable combination table
  • If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Product number example

TCF280RK700 280mm straight jack on one end, 2.4mm straight plug on one end, total length 2.92mm assembly using TCF700 cable

Armored one end 119mm straight plug, one end 1.0mm straight jack, total length 1.0mm assembly using TCF300 cable

TCF119XY300PM In-lot relative phase adjustment assembly for the above assembly
TCF107ZPZJ100 Armored one end 107mm straight plug, one end 0.8mm straight jack, total length 0.8mm assembly using TCF100 cable
TCF358FF300PM In-lot relative phasing assembly with 358mm straight plug on both ends, total length 3.5mm using TCF300 cable

*1. 44G *2. 70G *3. Model number of assembly with connector compatible with 120G

TCF280KM44G1000 2.92mm plug – 2.92GHz compatible assembly with 1000mm jack total length 44mm

1.85mm plug - 1.85mm jack cable part soft armored 1000GHz compatible assembly with total length of 70mm


1.0mm plug - 1.0GHz compatible assembly with 100mm jack total length 120mm

*4. Model number of 0.8mm plug-1.0mm jack assembly using 125GHz compatible TCF119 cable

TCF119ZP1.0J130 119mm long 0.8GHz assembly with TCF1.0 cable terminated with 130mm plug to 125mm jack Please contact our sales department regarding this assembly.

*5. Model number of assembly with angle type connector

TCF219 TLU 1200 Assembly with 219mm right angle plug connector on one end, 1.85mm straight jack connector on one end, total length 1.85mm using TCF1200 cable

Assembly with 219mm 1.85° angled plug connector on one end, 45mm straight jack connector on one end, total length 1.85mm using TCF500 cable

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